Finally, Wolfram Alpha Has A Purpose!

Or, A Use for the Otherwise Useless

It can convert from words to pages! This is (seriously) something I have immense trouble with, especially with conference papers. I spent a good hour procrastinating about this just last week, so now I need a new hobby. Gee thanks, Wolfram Alpha.

Long hiatus, I know. Writing, dissertating, being lazy — all things that take time.

I have big plans for the new year, er, semester, though. So watch this space! Or at least keep it in your rss reader.

In the meantime: C. Vann Winchell makes for some fun light reading– a one man TMZ for history. I wish he would post more.

PS – (h/t) to Merlin Mann.

Image Cite: xurble,“Wolfram and Hart,” Flickr, CC License.