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Sometimes you can tell a source is going to be good just from the index.

Case in point, some selections from the index to the “Squadron Letters” (reports to the Navy Department) for Commodore John H. Aulick’s cruise to China, 1851-1853:

California Joe, Chinese coolie, participation in mutiny on the ROBERT BROWNE, 510

CELESTIAL, American clipper ship, chased by a fleet of piratical junks, 565, 685

Flag, United States:
Insult offered to, by the govt of Zanzibar, 267
Saluted by the govt of Zanzibar, 238, 239, 262, 265

Flogging, effects of abolition of, in the US Navy, 99, 100, 161, 162

Shipwrecked Japanese mariners:
Death and burial of leader, 717
Protest their return to Japan in one of our warships, 477, 478
ST MARYS ordered to receive them on board from U.S. revenue cutter POLK, 761
Thirteen of, still on U.S.S. SUSQEUHANNA, 566
Transferred to U.S.S. SUSQEUHANNA from U.S.S. ST MARYS at Macao, 417, 418

Sultan of Muscat and Zanzibar
Detained at Muscat by troubles among Arabian subjects, 230, 261
Not at home, 226

Busy trip, eh? And I’ve left out most of the mutinies.

Unfortunately, awesome means lots more work. Everything has a price…