Link Round-Up

An Exchange Rated Excellent

Or, Some Links to Stuff I’m Excited About

Yes, it's an otter. No, I don't know why.
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  rsambrook 

The Exchange, with the delightfully old-school subtitle of “The Business History Conference Weblog,” offers a more-or-less daily posts describing items of interest to business historians and others of their ilk.

If you haven’t already, it’s well worth adding to your rss feeds; no one else is as up-to-date on the scholarship and happenings in the field.

Recently they’ve introduced me to a bunch of neat things, to wit:

Steven Mihm’s new project over at, Echoes, which connects current economic news to the past

“Railroads and the Making of Modern America”  a digital history site at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, which “seeks to document and represent the rapid and far-reaching social effects of railroads and to explore the transformation of the United States to modern ideas, institutions, and practices in the nineteenth century”

…and some exciting new books, of which the following especially caught my eye:

Also by way of the The Exchange, I found Civil War Book Review, which is my new go-to (alongside H-Net) for timely reviews.

Finally – though you’ll pardon me for mentioning what is likely old news to any reader of this blog –  the folks over at Digital Humanities Now have re-grouped and re-vamped that aggregation as a Press Forward publication with a multiplicity of feeds to meet the needs of every infonaut / digital humanist. See this post by CHNM’s Dan Cohen for a more lucid (and accurate!) explanation of how the new edition works.

And now off to read…

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