19th Century Name of the Day: Azariah Cutting Flagg

Azariah Cutting Flagg, NY editor and pol; Bucktailed Burnburning (anti-Hunker) Free Soiling Republican

(Why, what’s your sobriquet?)

um, yeah
A longtime force in the Democratic party in New York, Flagg managed to be included and/or lead most of the silly-sounding party factions in NY state. Flagg began as a member of the Bucktails faction of the Democratic-Republican Party, then became a straight Jacksonian Democrat, then a Barnburner (i.e. an enemy of the Hunkers). Wound up being a Free Soiler, and finally a Republican. His career basically tracks that of “the Little Magician,” Martin Van Buren, on the state level.

This exercise in confusion provided by Wikipedia, and the Papers of Martin Van Buren.

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