Selected headlines from the “North American and Daily Advertiser” (Philadelphia, PA)

These are not, by any stretch, all of the headlines on JQA; there are many, many more.


MR. J. Q. ADAMS is valiently defending the right of petition in Congress, regardless of the lampoonery of politicians and newspaper presses, Saturday, June 26, 1841

During the recent session of Congress, I have received numerous invitations from Colleges, Lyceums, and other Literary Associations, some of them in distant parts of the country, to deliver before them Lectures, Addresses, or Discourses on topics suitable to the respective institutions (Letter to the editor) John Quincy Adams
Saturday, September 25, 1841

The Southern Literary Messenger for October contains two short poems form the pen of the venerable Adams, written for young ladies, published by permission, and both bearing date the same day
Thursday, October 14, 1841

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS still retains his mental and physical vigor unimpaired
Thursday, October 21, 1841

In the Matters in Controversy between Mr. Adams and His Accusers, He Seems to Occupy an Impregnable Position (Letter to the editor) Fenelon
Tuesday, February 01, 1842

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS is said to be the most industrious man in Congress, and we can readily believe it
Thursday, February 03, 1842

J. Q. Adams
Tuesday, February 08, 1842

Mr. Adams in the Great Debate
Wednesday, February 09, 1842

Hon. John Quincy Adams
Friday, February 25, 1842

Mr. Adams draws very painful conclusion from the portentous aspect of European affairs
Tuesday, July 26, 1842

The following is given as an accurate account of the domestic habits of John Quincy Adams, one of the most eminent of living Statesman
Tuesday, May 02, 1843

Mr. Adams at Home
Monday, August 07, 1843

The following lines, written by Mr. Adams in the Album of a young lady, are published for the first times in the Saturday Emportium of last week
Tuesday, May 05, 1846

MR. ADAMS’ OBSEQUIES, at Washington to-day, will doubtless be a mournful pageant
Saturday, February 26, 1848

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